I was in a creative rut (like I am every January/February), and I needed to really challenge myself. When it comes to portrait photography, I tend to rely a lot on the environment, props, or other people. So I wanted to take all of that away and really focus on my subject. This challenge was inspired by Ben Sasso, a photographer that I look up to in so many ways. 

When it comes to photography, most people think that all the vulnerability is on the subject's end, and for the most part it probably is. But I feel so vulnerable and inadequate almost every time I get behind the camera. Telling someone how to pose and coming up with ideas on the spot is not for the faint of heart! At the same time though, I always go back for more. Photography makes me feel alive. I love to feel my heart pounding moments before a shoot, not knowing if it's going to be a success or a complete failure. Either way, I'm happy with the outcome. Failing is the first step to creating good art. The sooner I fail, the closer I am to creating good art. So here's to failing! 

Thanks Stacy for being my model!