When I was 12, my dad handed me his old Minolta XD5 film camera he used in college. When I looked through the viewfinder something in me changed. I knew I wanted to take pictures for the rest of my life.


Hi! I’m Myra Kjer Merrill. Yes, Kjer is my middle name. It will always have those red dotted lines under it when I type it because computers don’t know what it is and no one knows how it’s pronounced. Kjer is a Scandinavian name that is pronounced like the singer Cher. Although I’d like to think its more like, “I will share my donuts with you.” But I probably wouldn’t share my donuts cause I love them so much. I’ll just buy you your own.

I grew up in Southern California and loved it so much that I live there to this day! I didn’t always want to be a wedding photographer. When I was in High School I wanted to work for Nation Geographic. Then in college I wanted to do more editorial/fashion photography. After doing my first wedding I wanted to cry because it was so hard. For some people wedding photography is love at first site. But for me, it was a challenge. I never knew I could love doing something so much. I knew I always wanted to have people be my main subjects when it came to photography, and weddings bring every single emotion and feeling to the surface. A couple in love who surrounds themselves with people they love and care about. Father’s tearfully giving their daughters one last hug as their baby girl. Mothers putting their son in the hands of another capable woman. It’s all there. And I love being apart of that. I don’t take it lightly and I feel so honored to be apart of every single wedding I do. So thank you to those who I’ve already shared their special day with. And to those I’ve yet to meet, I can’t wait!